The rent information of Beijing hotel scriptorium


Beijing Hotel from A block, block B, C A and D seat four building composition, the office is located in the hotel D seat, adjacent to the east palace the Forbidden City, close to the wangfujing walking street and subway line one, building has plenty of the ground parking garages.

Renting office can enjoy the following services:

* office consists of five layers, each layer has four elevators with department operation

* 24 hours central air conditioning (free of charge)

* 24 hours hot and cold water (free of charge)

* has private shower

* scriptorium equipped with independent toilet

* corridor with public toilet

* daily environment cleaning (free of charge)

* office buildings equipped with special restaurant, so you never leave home can enjoy inexpensive business lunch

* every scriptorium has multiple network interface

* 60 square meters - 160 square meters of usable floor area to meet different customers' needs

The information office for details please contact: Beijing hotel marketing WangLinLin

Telephone: (86-10) 65137766-702

Fax: (86-10) 65137703



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30F ~ 54F
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